Sony launched the PlayStation Virtual Reality (PS VR) for the first time in October 2016, and it is fully compatible with the game platform (PlayStation 4).. A lthough the current model (PS VR) glasses will be compatible with the new gaming platform (PlayStation 5), Sony previously confirmed that using it with the new gaming platform will require a special adapter that you … And there's a monthly fee The quest 2 being so affordable played a part in Sony not doing new VR on PS5. Sony today announced a new PSVR Mega Pack hardware bundle for 2020, launching this month across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Sony PlayStation 5 PSVR Camera Adaptor CFI-ZAA1 for PS5 PS4 VR 4 PS5VR Adapter. $48.96. Isn't littlstar basically only used for vr porn? Alas, you can't play all your PSVR games with it yet. This is due to the fact that the camera uses an input not on the PS5 (and the PS5 camera doesn’t work with PlayStation VR). Sony to give away adapters to allow VR use on PlayStation 5 PSVR is not compatible with the PS5 out of the box, but Sony will start shipping adapters … If you’re a PlayStation VR owner wanting to use PlayStation VR headset with your PS5, you’ll need to head to this link and fill out this form, providing Sony with your PlayStation VR processor unit serial number. But the quest 2 can wirelessly play 8K video files flawlessly and is solid for gaming also And I got my adapter in the mail before the PS5 even launched personally. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that there is a future for virtual reality at PlayStation, but we shouldn’t expect anything anytime soon. Still waiting on mine, ordered second day the page was up (first day it didn't keep crashing on me) and got the e-mail saying it was on it's way on he 13th of November. A new adapter is needed for PlayStation 4-compatible virtual reality equipment to be available on PlayStation 5, said Yoshida, who said this adapter … Starting to see more reports in the Aussie PS5 Group on facebook that people are getting them so hopefully they are starting to filter through. The upcoming PS5 supports PlayStation VR, but if you want to play VR games, you’ll need a special adapter from Sony. Shuhei Yoshida, a Sony executive, made the comments via Twitter, delighting players using PlayStation VR equipment. Sony's new subtly vibrating DualSense PS5 controller has all sorts of haptic effects and force feedback on the triggers that sound perfect for VR. PlayStation VR fans will be able to continue their virtual adventures even after upgrading to the next generation of console, Sony announced on Wednesday.