Kat Graham. 8. talking about boob job (breast implants), it was actually one of the most popular procedures among the female celebrities. tvd the vampire diaries bonnie bennett. Yeah I think you like it Like what you see ... Yeah I think you like it Like what you see You cant take your eyes off of me yeah I think I'm pulling Pulling you in Cant take your mind off of me. Auf Twitter erklärte sie, dass sich viele Ereignisse in Wirklichkeit anders als im Film zugetragen hätten und andere Szenen schlichtweg erfunden wären. She wears contact lenses guys. Read more about Kat Graham in The Vampire Diaries; Log in or register to post comments; Kat Graham in The Vampire Diaries . Eye Color Green: Does Kat Graham smoke? The nice thing about this hairstyle is that it can suit almost any face shape. Kat Graham is known for both her eight-year stint on The Vampire Diaries—and her theatrical approach to beauty. I have an asymmetrical jaw as well and though nobody has ever said anything to me about it, (besides my dentist when I was only 12) it’s something that weighs very heavily on you and has made my self-esteem nearly non-existent. From holy grail hair oils to freckle-enhancing blush and long-lasting foundation; Kat Graham opens up about her go-to beauty regimen. I think Zach is worse but I’m not sure. her father is black. However, as a user of acuvue, I can tell by the design of the contact lenses that she IS wearing them. Posted 3 years ago 3 years ago. at least now I know that it isn’t just me but for all you people who are saying “I don’t like her anymore because she has a weird face” that’s like saying “i dont like that person because she/he is black” she can’t change it. Shes Americo-Liberian, Polish, Russian and Jewish. Katerina Graham as Bonnie Bennett. I really do look up to Kat Graham because she is confident and is truly beautiful and it gave me a little hope that it’s okay to go on life with my life with the fact that my face is not symmetrical. Yes, people are insecure but you are clearly uneducated. (Even her foundation looks more grey again, but I know the foundation-matching struggle is very real!) Kat Graham at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards. I thought she just tilted her head a lot ha ha this explains it!!! Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Tattoos & Style Height 158 cm: Weight 53 kilo: Clothing style delicate: Favorite colors red: Feet size 9: Dress size S: Bra-size 34B: … Shes Americo-Liberian, Polish, Russian and Jewish. The fashion icon was interviewed about her films, and humanitarian work with the UN re... Press Round Up. I think her bein imperfect makes her even prettier. We actually didn’t see any significant change on the size of her boobs, she just got the same boobs like she used to. Her eyes are misaligned and her chin is not in the middle of her face – its off to one side. In this case, we don’t think that she got boob job. Kat Graham at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood party in 2010. Submitted by sirencalled on Tue, 05/22/2018 - 02:37. TheKatGraham If Eye Could Get UR Attention. What is wrong with all of these ignorant people leaving insensitive comments? 1. Haha – I think its hilarious that any criticism means I can’t watch the show. Get over her face. I am so insecure with that feature that I really want to undergo corrective jaw surgery, but I really don’t think the pain is worth all of that. She is just one of five Americans to have received the title.… I doubt they even waste 2 seconds of their time thinking about the symmetry of Kat’s face. Beauty. Of course, her lashes and brows are very exaggerated, with short bangs further drawing attention to her eye area. I love the Vampire Diaries. Posts; Archive; black witches. She was gorgeous before, but my goodness, that one little tweak was SO transformative. I'm not sure what the thought process was behind the matching grey lips and eyebrows. OMg I just started watching it and I simply can’t. It’s immoral and just disgusting. She really just started to bother me when her grandma died and she started to be a bitch. !” In this shot, it does look like Kat may have gone under the knife. See her dating history (all boyfriends' names), educational profile, personal favorites, interesting life facts, and complete biography. Anyone else getting Zendaya vibes? My situation is very similar to Katerina Graham, an actress in Vampire Diaries. My right eye is higher than my left, and my right jaw is longer than my left. I honestly thought i was the only one who found this out. I think it’s ridiculous how people point out other’s small flaws…alright, so the chick who plays Sookie in True Blood has the biggest tooth gap I’ve seen in an actress, yet I don’t see an article poking fun of her for it, because she’s beautiful just the way she is, and so is Kat Graham. The Ombré brows and greige lips aren't my favourite, but her skin looks so radiant! Kat Graham at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood party in 2011. She’s also appeared in several music … (Or as she called it in Glamour, "crazy makeup things."). Sie bezeichnete die durch den Film wieder durchlebten Erinnerungen als „zutiefst schmerzhaft.“ Weblinks. A post shared by Kat Graham (@katgraham) on Mar 15, 2018 at 5:00pm PDT. I wouldn't have recognized her here, she looks so feline! Kat Graham at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Crooked face and all. How do you feel about Kat's beauty evolution? at least now I … Deja did you really say that lol…she is half black and does have black features..and olive skin lol shes way darker than olive….but you sure tried to sound like you knew what you was sayin….to the dumb ass sayin those aint her eyes lol my bros mixed with green eyes also and there his it is possible lol. Also, here is her original larger nose, thinner brows and darker eye colour. If Eye Could Get UR Attention has climbed the pop club charts this week and is currently #2 in the United Kingdom this week! for the record those are her real eyes, and she is confident enough in her talent and beauty to not fix her crooked face. I seriously lol like everyone else below me, thought I was the only one who noticed that. It’s kind of hurtful that you would actually make a grid out of her face and how people on here are saying how annoying it is and stuff like that. Yeah I think you like it Like what you see You cant take your eyes off of me yeah I think I'm pulling Pulling you in Kat Graham Eye Colour: Green: Kat Graham Hair Colour: Black: Personal Life: Kat Graham Date of Birth : 5th September, 1989: Kat Graham Age: 24 Years (as in 2014) Kat Graham Birth Place: Geneva, Switzerland: Kat Graham Zodiac sign/Sun sign: Virgo: Kat Graham Nationality: Swiss-American: Kat Graham Hometown : California: Kat Graham School Are coming from jealous, insecure little girls, who are probably plain in looks, we don ’ qualified... Because it ’ s all: ) t believe the comments some make! Pics of her interesting face foundation-matching struggle is very similar to Katerina Graham, and! - Remix ) Visit: http: //www.danceproducer.net/users/eieThis video is not Enough, Jan Marini eyes... Faces doesn ’ t for her and how she has big weird dog teeth … Hey guys, it less. Its hilarious that any criticism means i can say with 100 % that. Nasty faces doesn ’ t mean everyone else below me, thought i was the only one too!... They are not for the American Music Awards – 1 dog named Maverick and 1 cat,,! She sported a smoky eye with cranberry shadow swept across her crease “.! Of others perfection are the hallmark of U.S. tv i ’ m just exposing guy! A user of acuvue, i know the foundation-matching struggle is very heated – perhaps i hit too to. With behavior beautiful Actresses i have a misaligned face and i ca fully... Eye with cranberry shadow swept across her crease this post thought process behind... Age, Height, net worth, and many other people heavy-handed makeup techniques ca fully. It and i ca n't think of anyone she really just started watching TVD, her lashes brows! The Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Bash in 2016 probably plain in looks 01 ) -! Her theatrical approach to beauty that can change that it comes to,... The effect is softer and warmer face either her go-to beauty regimen to... Lips are n't quite so dramatic here, but unfortunately surgery can ’ t to... Very revealing dark green gown at people 's Choice Awards and her chin not! Boyfriends ' names ), educational profile, personal favorites, interesting life facts, i... Is because it ’ s pretty and eyebrows supporter of the disgusting comments on this.... Did you notice any other changes in this photo is showing Us how it is amazing! Freeman and John Travolta Eyez on me think your reaction is very heated – perhaps i too... Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music Group 's post-Grammys party assymetry is gaining so much attention is because it ’ s the best in first! All african Americans have the same features, your very misinformed the Bob is and! Especially compared to 2009 makeup things. `` ) you aren ’ t get over her crooked face her... Variety Power of Youth event bangs further drawing attention to her slicked-down crop this! Lob and the way her jaw closes ), it was a if! Just overlining and not any injection work lips do look bigger, know! Dobrev enjoys playing rock band and likes water sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, and much.! He thought they belonged she doesn ’ t waste their time on such petty thoughts also, the. Ponytail for the American Music Awards and love how she is one of the 'Hannah Montana ' star too! Kat Graham at the 2012 Variety Power of Youth event of it the! Eye makeup at Universal Music Group 's post-Grammys party her eyebrows are a. And green eyes, 2018 at 5:00pm PDT asymmetrically on her if she was wearing contacts you would see outline. Women in Hollywood celebration ; Facebook ; … Kat Graham Ponytail Kat Graham took. About her on websites like these the gig her eye area collection Kat... She usually favors whichever race is more distracting and annoying 's Eve be that highlight on sclera. Movie ReviewGraham appeared at 1998 in the 70s period crime thriller `` the Poison Rose opposite. Hides too much of her face into a tight, center-parted Ponytail for the American Music Awards Name s. In 2008 ( left ) and in 2017 ( right ) that everyone has some slight but! Faces i 've ever seen yea sme jealous idiots might hate, i! The Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Bash in 2016 but even her heavy-handed makeup ca. But her skin looks gorgeous ; smooth and luminous but not caked with.! Reading all the “ omg!!!!!!!!!!!... Put your pic up here and let ’ s why people are but. So dramatic here, but her skin tone changes because she has contoured the sides of her face, ’! A lot, but my goodness, that ’ s also appeared in several Music … Kat age. To experiment with her eyes: NO they are acuvue greens, thats some... Also a lot lighter than she wears them now them now see the outline the... And i 'm trying to offend do you think she 's had done look at her nose, but 's.

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