The shortest and most popular route to climb Mt. This may sound obvious, but if you have an acute fear of heights, this hike will be challenging. Snow 181 The Mountaineer's Route. You still need a Whitney zone exit permit to walk down the main trail, but when i was exploring this a couple years back, they were still available on some dates at this time, and the rangers were very promising about getting them walk-in at Onion Valley. Whitney lets you experience one of America's most beautiful alpine settings, with high lakes, meadows, and superb granite. You need to pack out all your waste (yes, that means poop) in a. Lone Pine Lake via Mount Whitney Trail. We live in SC so it is a long way to travel and we want to fill up the vacation if possible. I have a narrow window at the end of June that I would like to use, but missed out on the lottery. The route is rated class 3 because of the section from the notch to the summit. The Mount Whitney Trail is the most popular way to ascend and is a long circuitous eleven mile non technical hike up a well graded trail to the summit. I’ve seen many folks struggle on the way down after blowing through all their energy on the way up, finishing at Whitney Portal long after sunset. Only the leader or alternate named on lottery application can pick up or use the permit. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, ... vail.shtml,, ... .shtml>