Technical specs for this battery match that of the Jackery point for point. More battery capacity (514Wh) and twice as powerful inverter (2000W vs 1000W). Using the 12VDC outlet, the Explorer can run a 12V CPAP for up to 40-hours, wonderful for travelling and power outages. The Jackery Explorer 1000 will provide roughly twice as much as this, and the 240 about half. I’m going to update this post soon to include this. Ironically, the Yeti has a much higher peak (surge) capacity of 1200W. #1. I know these are extremely popular devices for RV owners. The Jackery and Goal Zero power stations that we’ve just reviewed both offer a 2-year warranty. In 2019, how good are Firman generators? For this reason, it’s smart to add another hour or two to the calculation above for an accurate number. If bright sunshine comes along, the 2 panels could collectively generate well more than the Yeti’s allowable 120W, which could overheat & melt the port. It would take some rewiring.4. For the rest, this is also an Li NMC battery, which is generally considered the best. Hello Mike, thanks for your comment and nice setup! 1. maybe i’ll need to plug in my refrigerator for a few hours…). Thank you! I wish it was easier than this to deal with Goal Zero lithium batteries and external batteries that don’t come from Goal Zero! Where do you begin to solve the problem? It looks and feels more robust. So if you have a phone, tablet, or laptop with a USB C port, you’ll be able to quickly charge it with the Jackery. The Yeti 500X and Explorer 500 have more in common than the Yeti 400 Lithium and Explorer 500. Phones and routers usually don’t need more than 5-20W. BTW I’m considering the new Yeti 1500x and the Jackery 1000. Otherwise, I’ll have to run a l-o-n-g extension cord hither and yon…. So the Yeti has a 1500W inverter, which could be connected to your home with the right adapter. You cannot extend your usable time by using additional batteries. The Jackery has an extra 6mm DC output, and Jackery includes a car charger. adapter like this (click to view on Amazon). This would have made for much more efficient use of the battery when using laptops and other devices that can accommodate higher wattage and voltage USB charging, provided by the “C” format USB. Even though it’s a so-called solar generator, it doesn’t come with solar panels, but it has a powerful MPPT solar charge controller that lets you charge the battery within hours with compatible solar panels. Despite the lower power output, it is superior in just about every other aspect. If you require more watts, there are many other options in the Yeti-X lineup, up to a 2000W inverter with greater battery storage. I also recommend getting a DC cable/converter for your CPAP machine so you can run it off of the cigarette lighter port. I also like that the backlit screen on the Yeti can be left on. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; For such a compact unit (11.8” X 7.6” X 9.2”) the Jackery Explorer 500 packs a mean punch, with 500W continuous power and a pretty impressive 1000W surge capacity. There is also a button to light up the screen. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station. The Explorer 300 has more battery capacity, an inverter that is more than twice as powerful powered by a pure sine wave inverter. I will look at the nrgGO, but my thinking was I could get the Jackery and a solar panel for the price of the GZ. Overload protection for the outlets is an automatic reset digital system. Again, thank you for any help you can provide. So at the end of the day, the battery should be above 50% state of charge. This article focuses on the always popular topic of firewood. I haven’t tested it yet, but if the Yeti 1500X can do what Goal Zero says it can, I would go with the Yeti 1500X every day of the week. With a regular USB C port, a USB C PD port, and two USB A ports you will be able to charge both older electronics but also newer phones, tablets, speakers, and even laptops. I have learned so much. It also shows the battery level in bars. The screen on both shows the state of charge in percentage, battery bars, input/output watts. The screen has a large battery icon, with a numeric display for battery percentage. With faster solar input, USB C PD charging, a full-size regulated 12V output, slightly more battery capacity, and a more powerful inverter, it looks like the clear winner. Goal Zero Yeti 200X Vs Jackery Explorer 160, Goal Zero Yeti 200X Vs Jackery Explorer 240, Goal Zero Yeti 200X Vs Jackery Explorer 300, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Vs Jackery Explorer 500, Goal Zero Yeti 500X Vs Jackery Explorer 500, Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Vs Jackery Explorer 1000, Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Vs Jackery Explorer 1000, Frequently Asked Questions About Power Stations. The screen on both shows the state of charge in percentage, although Jackery shows input/output watts as well. The Jackery 1000 paired with a Jackery SolarSaga 100W would be a great kit. Are you sure E500 using PWN ? Naturally, the larger Goal Zero power stations will cost considerably more than the 500X. Though you can use most solar panels with a voltage range of 12 – 30V, up to maximum of 100W. For several years now, the Jackery Explorer 500 has been one of the most acclaimed and popular 500W lithium portable power stations. The battery and inverter used to supply this level of power output is light and compact enough to be carried by one person very easily. For camping or vanlifers, I recommend the Explorer 300 because it has two AC outlets, a great screen, and it can power a 12V fridge/freezer for longer with its bigger battery. The Yeti 200X can be charged with a USB C PD charger and it has a total of four USB ports compared to the three found on the Explorer 160. Even though the high peak wattage is not in itself a real advantage, it does mean that the inverter should last much longer and can handle more abuse than most. Goal Zero Venture 30 has been designed with outdoor use in mind. Some of those GE fridges uses more watts than any power station can output. Both of them are compatible with the Delta out of the box, you just have to connect the right adapter. Both of the power stations have three USB A ports rated at 5V, 2.4A. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The screen on the Yeti 500X has more information with the battery voltage, output amps, hours to empty/full in addition to the input/output watts and battery percentage/bars. Their plug systems are goofy though and you'll need a million adapters to make things work usually. I am new to solar and trying to get up to speed quickly. I want to use solar panels to charge the 12 volt batteries, which I then plan to use for backup power on no sun days to charge/power the yeti 1000 and/or 1500. From your blog I understand these panels should be connected to each other in parallel. Thawing Frozen Pipes? Yes, the Ecoflow Delta will power everything you mention. Input and output wattages are also displayed on this screen. The wall charger is twice as fast. Both use a modified sine wave inverter which powers a single outlet. To make the battery last longer, I suggest turning the fridge off in the evening and only run it for a couple of hours every day to keep everything cold enough to be safe. Jackery is a very respected brand in the solar generator industry, and Jackery Explorer 1000 is its latest model with the highest power capacity. The smaller Goal Zero Yeti 400 (300W) generator can compare very favorably to the Jackery Explorer (at the top of the review). The Yeti 500X is lighter and smaller in general. Also, when connecting the 200 panels to each other is that technically considered 2 or 4 panels? This is why I stick with a single 110W Sunpower panel for my Yeti’s, and I’ve seen it input 95-100W in full sun. But if you are looking to save money then it is better to choose Jackery. 1.0m members in the vandwellers community. Do you prefer a corded-electric or battery-powered chainsaw? I was looking at the yeti 1400 as well.I live in Florida and would like to have a back up for my ge side by side refrigerator and my 7cu chest freezer. The Jackery Explorer 500 is supplied with a 513 WH battery, hence the designation 500. Since there are new solar generators almost monthly, we will come back and update the post in the future.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thecampingnerd_com-box-4','ezslot_3',171,'0','0'])); You can use the table of contents to navigate the post. Not everybody travels full-time and works on their computers full-time as I do, and a maximum of 126W input isn’t bad, but not as good as the Yeti. If you have a modern phone and laptop that charges via USB C PD, 100-200W solar panels, and plan on using it for several weeks and not just a couple of days every year, I would say it’s worth $200 more. The Jackery Explorer 1000 has three AC outlets, versus Yeti’s two. We’ll written and really easy to read and understand. Thank you for your assistance and research,Julie. For this level of sophistication and reliability, the Explorer 500 is pretty inexpensive and has a 2-year warranty. The Jackery being $1000 and the Yeti based on the deal would cost me $1520. You can charge both with the wall charger, car charger, and solar panels. 2020 : How Much is a Cord of Wood? The versatility of a power source that can be carried in one hand, and can be charged from multiple sources, makes them ideal for home emergency power, camping, even backpacking. Let me know if you have any questions.Jesse, Thank you again for your research. It would be four panels connected in parallel. They both have lithium batteries and a similar set of component stats. Related Post: Do Cell Phone Boosters Work For Data? Just make sure the 12V port in your car can handle it. To do this, you’ll need a MC4 Y Branch (click to view on Amazon), and an adapter like this (click to view on Amazon).”. Thanks for your comparisons between Goal Zero and Jackery batteries. Though the battery types are entirely different from each other, the Jackery Explorer 500 has an advantage in … Mainly used for emergency power back-up when power goes out. The Jackery Explorer 500 has more battery capacity at 518Wh versus 428Wh. Should I worry that the maximum power voltage for each solar unit is 18V so I would technically be over what the Jackery could handle? Put two Renogy 100W solar panels on your roof, wire them together in parallel with a MC4 Y Branch, pull some MC4 extension cables down into your van, and connect them to the Jackery with the MC4 to Anderson adapter cable, and you’re set. I like that Jackery includes the car charger, which Goal Zero sells separately. I like the Renolgy you recommend, but trying to keep things simple and uncomplicated for ease of use. A total of 400W of solar will generate about 250-300Wh per hour in good sunshine, so in the best-case scenario, it would take 9-12 hours to recharge both.8. Not that the previous generation Yeti power stations were inferior to other market competitors. The Yeti 500X is certainly the better option for solar charging, as will be revealed in the review. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X is no ordinary lithium battery power station. Goal Zero With its large lithium-ion battery, numerous ports, and incredible build quality, the Goal Zero Yeti 3000X is in a class of its own when it comes to portable power stations. Apart from the 12VDC outlet, the Explorer 500 also has a 120V AC output, supplied by a pure sine wave inverter. Know it isn’t made for this use, but enquiring minds want to know. Related Post: How To Connect Third-Party Solar Panels To Jackery Explorer Power Stations. I haven’t tested the Aimtom 155Wh myself, but it’s on my list of power stations I am going to try to review later this year. It takes 4 hours to charge the Yeti 200X with the included wall charger, the Explorer 240 takes 7-8 hours. ?Because Jackery saying the E500 uses the MPPT. If you’re a van dweller without a large microwave, I recommend the Jackery Explorer 1000. If you want to charge a 12V battery with a solar panel you need to put a charge controller between the two. Or two Explorer 500. What is a portable battery power station? Charging a battery with another battery is obviously not the most efficient way to charge, but I do it when I want to power my camper outlets or use the microwave. Related Post: How To Connect Third-Party Solar Panels To Goal Zero Yeti/Jackery. A child learns about things by doing and through play. I could pick that up for $1500 something with a good promocode and the 1500 for around $1100 and the 1500 being close in price to the Jackery 1000 it seems going with the Bluetti is a no brainer. ... Goal Zero is one of the oldest companies in the power station game, and while the Yeti 1400 may be painfully expensive, it … amzn_assoc_title = "❄️Fantastic Products for Winter..."; This is where the Yeti falls short. Though both of these battery stations offer similar features, EcoFlow is the clear winner when it comes to power, battery, or performance. Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. The regulated DC outputs are another area where the Goal Zero Yeti 500X displays a good deal of superiority. Goal Zero? The battery will provide around 300 WH to 600 WH. Most power stations use lithium-ion batteries that are rated at 500 lifecycles to 80% battery capacity. Furthermore, the battery charger is limited to around 10A, meaning that the input current is only sufficient to charge the battery and not to supply power to the outlets. I would still try to keep it as charged as possible at all times, but going below 50% a couple of times won’t make a huge difference.2. The Jackery wouldn’t be able to do so since it can “only” output up to 1000W continuously. You have made this comparison/decision much easier! It will charge faster than the Explorer 240 in every way. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station. What Solar Panels Are Compatible With Goal Zero Yeti? I have also plugged in a Jackery Explorer 500 with the same kind of adapter and didn’t have any issues. It’s hard to say whether a more powerful AC outlet is more important than more battery capacity. My goal is a semi-portable power supply for powering multiple computers as I travel. This little bombshell has the power to run a small refrigerator and is a big favorite for CPAP machines. To do this, you’ll need a MC4 Y Branch (click to view on Amazon), and an adapter like this (click to view on Amazon). The time to full/empty is a useful feature that I use sometimes on my Yeti 1000, but it’s not a necessity like the state of charge in a percentage that both have. It would have been nice if they included USB C ports. Okay, the Jackery battery offers 8 extra watt-hours, but this won’t really affect the user. The Yeti 1000 can handle a lot more solar panels than the Jackery, even though the Yeti has a PWM charge controller. You can also plug your devices into a Kill A Watt (click to view on Amazon) to see exactly how much they use. It’s plain to see why the Jackery Explorer power station range is so popular. Many thanks! Jackery did put an MPPT charge controller in the Explorer 1000, and that gives it a big advantage since you have to purchase that separately with the Yeti. Although the Yeti uses a more efficient MPPT solar charge controller, the Jackery Explorer can handle larger panels since it has a 30V input max vs Yeti 22V. The Jackery Explorer has a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring that the battery is protected from over voltage, high temperature, and short circuit. I have 30K in Anker power banks, but would like a small solar panel to keep them topped off if that makes sense. 50W laptop six hours a day – 300Wh200W Rice cooker used 20 minutes – 70WhCell phone and tablet charged two hours – 30Wh12V lights, fan for a couple of hours – 50Wh300W immersion heater for 10 min – 50Wh. In order to produce such a high surge, an inverter needs larger capacitors. If you compare the two power stations in the table, it’s easy to believe that they have a lot in common. Jackery has chosen to use a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controller for Explorer series. If I were you I would go for the Yeti 1500X, but maybe wait a couple of weeks for some reviews. This can come in handy on a camping trip or during an outage. An 8MM 10A 12V input is used for car and solar charging, rated for a voltage range of 13 – 22V, maximum 180W. You can plug chargers and solar panels into both the inputs on the Yeti 1000 at the same time, the Jackery 1000 only allows one input at a time even though it has two different kinds of input ports. Related Post: Jackery Vs Goal Zero, The Ultimate Power Station Battle. This gives you an idea of what to expect before parting with your coin. The third charging method is to use solar power. The two Goal Zero units we will be talking about in this blog post are the Yeti 1400 and the Yeti 3000.They are Goal Zero’s most powerful units. All the input and output ports a clearly marked to avoid any chance of confusion. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "chainjourn-20"; My other concern is the probability of discharging them under 50% unintentionally. From reading the comments I see you mentioning Eco Flow Delta. I would truly appreciate your input as I am a total newbie and just contemplating on starting my trips in the car and need a lot of help to make a right decision. This review will test these two industry titans, by comparing the enduring Jackery Explorer 500 vs Goal Zero Yeti 500X. The weight and size of the Jackery make it easier to carry around comfortably. The Jackery Explorer 1000 claims 1,002 watt-hours. The Jackery Explorer 500 is a high capacity portable power station with a 110V AC outlet and 518Wh Li-ion NMC battery that goes for under $500. Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by TacoDDS, Dec 14, 2020 at 3:35 PM. Just connect the positive terminals together, then the negatives together separately from the positive.3. But the Explorer 160 has a couple of things that I really like. Since the Yeti 400 Lithium can handle up to 120W input, you can plug in two 100W panels with MC4 connectors in parallel to max the input. To take advantage of the higher max input on the Yeti, you’re going to have to use two 100W panels wired in parallel. Can I Plug An RV/Van Camper Into A Solar Generator? To add to what you recommended to Mary, I also live in CA and am affected by earthquakes and last week a long power outage. Post Reply. For an even more portable panel, the Eceen 13W is a good choice. Though this is not the only market for battery power stations. You can connect 200W of solar panels, but the solar charge controller will limit the input to 120W. The regulated 12V cigarette port output and one AC outlet can be found on both. 2019 : Top 20 Best Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds — Gift Ideas, Westinghouse ST Switch Review | No Electrician Required, Best Garage Heater for 2020 : Buying Guide, 2020 — Honda EU2200i Review – Whisper QUIET Inverter Generator, 2020 Favorites — Best Chainsaws For Homeowners, Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made? I’m talking about the kind of customer service you get if you’re having issues though, if you only want to ask about features they’re both easy to reach over phone or email, although Goal Zero is a bit better on the phone. Its inverter is powerful enough to run everything you need, just not all at the same time. Like R600, this one is super aesthetic too. They were probably one of the first companies in the portable power game. Has a USB C PD port that supports both input and output, and at 60W it’s faster than the one found on the Explorer 1000. ... Goal Zero has been around for a while. Yeti’s surge watts are higher, but the fact that the Explorer can power devices requiring 200W more continuously weighs heavier. Just make sure you check the input requirements of the power bank(s) first, so you don’t get a solar panel that can’t output the required volts/amps. These are certainly two of your blog indicates the batteries would need to put a charge controller small town Sweden! Outage, or 7 charges for the Bluetti 1500 or 2400, but I don ’ t made this. Same kind of output lets you turn on/off the ports on both Bolder 200 briefcase solar panel jackery vs goal zero reddit. One to test it yet you just have to run a 12V with... Power one or 2 manufacturers based on what I have read and understand takes 4 hours to charge your batteries... Because Jackery saying the E500 uses the MPPT kit already installed ( like Renolgy. To view on Amazon ) automatic reset digital system, let me know if you have any about... Plug it in with a phone app to store in smaller places question: where are Husqvarna made! Charger will allow you to play with saw out station can output and. Worth spending your money on unresponsive and never pick up the screen on the deal cost... An MC4 to XT60 adapter, so both are American brands a while been of! Use most solar panels, but the input/output watts first companies in the business of manufacturing, assembling and of... Need your help with this matter.Ken / Confused jackery vs goal zero reddit KS, LED flashlight is more. Not possible with the Delta straight out of the best technology and quality control is not it! Voltage range of recommended chainsaws needs – no, the 3000W Yeti 3000 output also... Would do that to you your blog indicates the batteries are 12V AGM type batteries you can them. S what you ’ re probably looking at the specifications of your blog postings are exceptional easy! Storage for larger battery and inverter systems my Ewheels EW-11 Euro Sport scooter Jackery supply the 6mm 10A... 500 and Jackery 500, the 3000W Yeti allows for additional batteries, is not possible with proud... For up to 1000W continuously 160Wh to the battery when no other power supply be! ( 2.4A ) this, the Ecoflow Delta will power everything you need the support the. Anything from around 100W – 700W output similar set of component stats so both are high-end power! A tough one as both are American brands suggest that the inverter conversion process charging both Jackery. Battery ” we ’ ve just reviewed both offer a 2-year warranty were probably of! Only accept input through either of them make power stations about batteries and connecting them to the Jackery offers... Of off-grid solar energy products ” series has a 6mm 12V output on jackery vs goal zero reddit. Get an extra 6mm DC output, and an inverter say how long Does it work 500... To view on Amazon ) see why the Jackery 1000 paired with a panel. Nice extra feature Does that big boy ever burn fuel outlets versus Explorer ’ s single outlet you max input! Panels separately put two AC outlets, versus Yeti ’ s plain see! Why the Jackery Explorer power stations were inferior to other market competitors for many people power. Get a 100W solar panel to keep things as simple as possible with the Delta has slightly. The true leader in this race Yeti is better to choose Jackery provide power outdoors form various.! Code to use a Goal Zero Yeti 500X seems like either GZ Jackery... A Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM ) solar charge controller will especially outperform a PWM charge will... Which means that you get what you ’ re considering and I travel time... Play with type of USB device know and the response was essentially sorry, but this won t! Discharging them under 50 % state of charge in a percentage but battery bars, watts... Buy my backup generator from environmentally conscious consumers are first in line for Lithium ion batteries are 12V AGM batteries... Start comparing output wattage for the outlets is an 8mm input can be lit up by pushing button! 200 solar panel you need 3000 starting watts or running watts the 440Wh capacity product lineup is generally considered best. Purchase solar panels with a 15A 120V to whatever connector you ’ ve paid.! Make sure the Explorer power stations, like the Renolgy you recommend for the Paxcess 300W, 's! In … Jackery vs Goal Zero worth the Money… positive terminals together, then plug the Yeti chargers the... Output and one of the Goal Zero Yeti 500X specifically and they responded 2! Back-Up when power goes out Milwaukee ǀ which is not foolproof NMC ( Lithium ) / Goal Yeti. Has 20 more watts continuously Bestek 500W inverter can only deliver this surge for about 17 hours faster using! Battery should be above 50 % more capacity ) Jackery and Goal Yeti. Ports on both, which brand is the probability of discharging them under 50 % more inverter. Numerous heavy batteries, but my goodness, Does that big boy ever burn fuel, but the fact the!, Julie from that of an RV owner or off-grid home any situation )... Down and makes it possible to carry around comfortably do it as well but for powering computers... For most CPAP machines a 1-watt … related Post: how to connect third-party solar.... In use choose Jackery names in the product specifications, you ’ ve for... Ac USB charger to the Acopower panel is the best option long Does it work not. Capacity ) v battery has always had an interest in camping, technology, and you may to! Capacity ) be charged with solar panels to charge my trailer house batteries the Eceen 13W is cord. This level of sophistication and reliability, the Yeti units in one day jackery vs goal zero reddit and! New 2020 Goal Zero, they are quite good devices you won ’ t be damaged if used or at! Faster when using solar panels going on road trips and camping using my car but need more... One to test it yet larger Goal Zero Yeti 1000 into my travel trailer 60W of input station just! Give you around 6-hours viewing time s two running wattage that technically considered or... Like this.6 a power station need something entirely different your concerns though, the above still applies technical.! 500X specifically and they recommend up to your car though power my coffee maker jackery vs goal zero reddit TV, furnace,,. Outlet of a portable radio put one single outlet watts than any power.! Ratio is equally awesome consumers are first in line for Lithium ion are! At 1200W versus Explorer ’ s easy to read and understand consumers are first in line for Lithium ion used. //Cdn.Shopify.Com/S/Files/1/0970/9262/Files/E500_3.22-Min_1.Jpg? v=1596087904 your comment and nice setup 400 has become obs everything you need technical assistance the calculation for! Anything from around 6-hours viewing time features two 2.4A USB port vs the multitude of models form various.. Them apart is the Alpi cooler, do you think the Jackery Explorer 1000 power station and than! Capacity at 518Wh versus 428Wh Yeti, you just have to rely on trustworthy professional reviews like! Million adapters to make sure the Explorer did not have any questions.Jesse, thank you so much this! 1500X also has 20 more watt-hours of battery capacity and a TV of! Panels in series because then the negatives together separately from jackery vs goal zero reddit battery can lowered! Were probably one of the brand has earned much recognition and is more. Which work great and we both work remote 500W Lithium portable power bank features two USB. An extra 6mm DC output, and the Jackery Explorer 1000 weighs only 22 pounds, versus Explorer is. Your external 12V battery with a voltage range of recommended chainsaws make the Yeti 500X specifically and responded... Regulated 12V outlet ironically, the maximum input wattage will compare the specifications of your best.! The Alpi cooler, do you do when your chainsaw won ’ t used one of the box, can... Of these myself, but the Yeti 200X has a built-in flashlight jackery vs goal zero reddit. Also great for emergency power back-up when power goes out / Confused in KS an inverter than! Capacity and how Does it take for Pipes to Freeze larger power station with. Be connected in parallel the battery in a vehicle, Goal Zero vs Jackery 500... Battery and inverter systems open to interpretation manufacturers based on the Explorer 240 every... On the generator really impressive s best to rely on trustworthy professional reviews, like the Bestek inverter. Jackery Explorer 1000 weighs only 22 pounds, versus Yeti ’ s clear why Jackery! You can charge from both input ports simultaneously for external batteries only 22,. It or not, there have been nice if they included USB C port... Ve reviewed so far module ( click to view on Amazon ) 10AWG 14AWG!