FM 2008 Best Players Review, Profiles, ratings, highest rated, top players, some of the biggest stars of the game, Best Players fm08 attributes, current ability (ca), potential ability (pa), stats, ratings, salary, traits. Please some1 help me out with this I cant seem to get this to work if theres any1 I can discuss this with add me on Navigate the list of programs until you find Football Manager 2008 or simply activate the Search field and type in "Football Manager 2008". The Football Manager 2008 program will be found automatically. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 is the fourth installment in the soccer management series. Saddam Hussein Stadium: ----- Go into the FM 2008 data editor (which should be found in your FM 2008 install directory) and load up either the "default" or "8.0.2 Update" database. Reply Delete. The latest version of Football Manager will be fully updated for the new season and will allow players to select their favourite club or international team and guide them to glorious success by putting them through Cup matches, Leagues, European Championships and even major international tournaments, with over 5,000 playable teams from over 50 countries. We have a huge Passion4FM. no option database to load like i saw in video. I am enjoying FM20, but '08 will always be the peak of the series' balance of fun and realism for me and I recommend to anyone who may not have tried it. I downloaded a Legends Database for FM 2008, but when i start a new game, it doesnt appear in database selections. PC Digital Download Patch for Football Manager 2008 (118MB) Macintosh Digital Download Patch for Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 (108MB) PC Digital Download Patch for Worldwide Soccer 2008 (110MB) Macintosh Digital Download Patch for Futbol Manager 2008 (116MB) List of changes in 8.0.1 and discussion forums. Originally known as FileFront, GameFront has been serving up the very best mods, maps, skins, tools, and utilities since 1998. Drop by and get the Inside scoop on FM! Now go to the Stadium section on the left hand side. Eventhough the folder is in right place. Somebody help … FM 08 Transfer Updates by Pepinho. 1,771 likes. Now in the search bar type "Saddam Hussein". I prefer FM 2008 as the pinacle of the series; itintroduced the awesome, more detailed scout reports of '07 and made the AI clearer. Add file Patch 8.0.2 FM Base is your number one resource for Football Manager downloads, tactics testing, face packs, kit packs, logo packs & data transfer updates. When i start a new game it wont load a new database. Transfer updates for Football Manager 2008 v8.0.2 Patch for Football Manager 2008 GameFront. Hello, I'm curious if anyone would be interested in 07/08 database in Football Manager 2019, that gives you a chance to manage your favorite team with your childhood heroes.. Main idea is to recreate all players,staff etc. Match Flow … like it was back in 2007.Basically starting date is 1/7/2007, but in game it would be 1/7/2018.People ages needed to be reduced, so their birth year has changed. I put it in the FM2008/db folder. Reply. When you select Football Manager 2008 in the list of applications, the following data regarding the application is shown to you: Replies. It builds on the original concept while adding numerous new features. Add comment.