As a result, Dayton has earned the description "Home of Aviation." More than 127,000 homes were built in Montgomery County during the 1950s. The Dayton Daily News is owned by Cox Enterprises. In 1995, the Dayton Agreement, a peace accord between the parties to the hostilities of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the former Yugoslavia, was negotiated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Fairborn, Ohio, from November 1 to 21. [105] Between 1957 and 1995, the Kenley Players presented live theater productions in Dayton. Also, several PGA Championships have been held at area golf courses. [69] The Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area ranks 4th in Ohio's Gross Domestic Product with a 2008 industry total of $33.78 billion. [44], In 2010, the Downtown Dayton Partnership, in cooperation with the City of Dayton and community leaders, introduced the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan. The sky’s the limit in this city – Wilbur and Orville Wright are proof of that. Nine varieties of birds have been observed every year in the Dayton area: downy woodpecker, Carolina chickadee, tufted titmouse, brown creeper, cardinal, junco, tree sparrow, song sparrow and crow.[62][63]. [6] The 2019 U.S. census estimate put the city population at 140,407, while Greater Dayton was estimated to be at 803,416 residents. [82] The most notable hospitals are Miami Valley Hospital and Kettering Medical Center. [30] The city was also home to James Ritty's Incorruptible Cashier, the first mechanical cash register, and Arthur E. Morgan's hydraulic jump, a flood prevention mechanism that helped pioneer hydraulic engineering. The Dayton chapter manages local activities contributing to the annual, hemisphere-wide Christmas Bird Count. [88], Dayton's two tallest buildings are the Kettering Tower at 408 ft (124 m) and the KeyBank Tower at 385 ft (117 m). What was the peak population of Dayton? [68], Dayton's economy is relatively diversified and vital to the overall economy of the state of Ohio. [16][17][18] Also in 2010, Dayton was named one of the best places in the United States for college graduates to find a job. [37], Between the 1940s and the 1970s, the city saw significant growth in suburban areas from population migration. As of the 2000 census, the median income for a household in the city was $27,523, and the median income for a family was $34,978. Much of this innovation is due in part to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its place in the community. 22 S2: Woodland Cemetery 10:15 Get a personal tour through the historical burial grounds of Woodland Cemetery. About 18.2% of families and 23.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 32.0% of those under age 18 and 15.3% of those age 65 or over. The plan is to be implemented through the year 2020.[45]. [21][22], Dayton was founded on April 1, 1796, by 12 settlers known as the Thompson Party. During World War II, Liberty Tower, the highest vantage point in the … In 2009, Governor Ted Strickland designated Dayton as Ohio's aerospace innovation hub, the state's first such technology hub. However, the Demolition would cease operations after only one season[146] when Hara Arena decided to close due to financial difficulties.[147]. Clarke Publishing Company: Publisher [169], The public Wright State University became a state university in 1967. [15] In 2007 Dayton was a part of the top 100 cities in America. Wilbur Wright also purchased land near Huffman prairie to continue their research. A courthouse building was built in downtown Dayton in 1888 to supplement Dayton's original Neoclassical courthouse, which still stands. Advancements in architecture also contributed to the suburban boom. For over 175 years Woodland Cemetery has been a revered place of eternal rest. On 13 January 1948, the facility was renamed Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. THE DAYTON ROOM at the Main Library houses more than 200 years of historical materials about Dayton, Montgomery County and the Miami Valley area. [11] In 2011, Dayton was rated the #3 city in the nation by HealthGrades for excellence in healthcare. The Loft Theatre, also downtown, is the home of the Human Race Theatre Company. [141] The Dayton Dragons 815 consecutive sellouts surpassed the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers for the longest sellout streak across all professional sports in the U.S.[41][142]. History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio, Volume 1 American County Histories - OH only County and regional histories of the "Old Northwest. University of Dayton students work virtual internships for Ohio Statehouse offices University of Dayton Flyers running back Richie Warfield is working this summer as an intern for the office of Ohio Lt. [31][32] Paul Laurence Dunbar, an African-American poet and novelist, penned his most famous works in the late 19th century and became an integral part of the city's history.[33]. Dayton, Ohio is the 195th largest city in the US. They most recently played the North Division of the ECHL's American Conference. The airport primarily serves corporate and personal aircraft users. [71] The Dayton Development Coalition is attempting to leverage the region's large water capacity, estimated to be 1.5 trillion gallons of renewable water aquifers, to attract new businesses. Although some of the tornadoes were only EF0 and remained on the ground for less than a mile, an EF4 tornado passed through the communities of Brookville, Trotwood, Dayton, Beavercreek, and Riverside. Events Calendar. I also chronicle the history of many of these buildings in my book Lost Dayton, Ohio. [159], Dayton hosts several inter-modal freight railroad terminals. After their first manned flights in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, which they had chosen due to its ideal weather and climate conditions, the Wrights returned to Dayton and continued testing at nearby Huffman Prairie. [129] SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park, a partially reconstructed 12th-century prehistoric American Indian village, is on the south end of Dayton; it is organized around a central plaza dominated by wood posts forming an astronomical calendar. Since then, the annual Cityfolk Festival has continued to bring folk, ethnic, and world music and arts to Dayton. [155] The Dahio Trotwood Airport, also known as Dayton-New Lebanon Airport, is a privately owned, public-use airport 7 miles (11 km) west of the central business district of Dayton. Along with defense and aerospace, healthcare accounts for much of the Dayton area's economy. Tech Town is home to the world's first RFID business incubator. [89] Kettering Tower was originally Winters Tower, the headquarters of Winters Bank. He visited the National Cash Register (NCR) company in Dayton in December 1942. [25], Innovation led to business growth in the region. The Dayton region's main business newspaper is the Dayton Business Journal. The canal arrived in Dayton in 1829. The last train leaving there was the National Limited in October 1979.[161]. Richard Holbrooke wrote about these events in his memoirs: There was also a real Dayton out there, a charming Ohio city, famous as the birthplace of the Wright brothers. With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Dayton's businesses have diversified into a service economy that includes insurance and legal sectors as well as healthcare and government sectors. [154], The Dayton area also has several regional airports. Ten people were killed, including the perpetrator; and twenty-seven were injured. The Demonz folded in 2015 and were immediately replaced by the Dayton Demolition, also in the FHL. The Dayton trolleybus system is the second longest-running of the five remaining trolleybus systems in the U.S., having entered service in 1933. [96][97], From 1996 to 1998, Dayton hosted the National Folk Festival. [123] The museum draws over 1.3 million visitors per year and is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Ohio. The company manufactured the first mechanical cash registers and played a crucial role in the shaping of Dayton's reputation as an epicenter for manufacturing in the early 1900s. Other museums also play significant roles in the tourism and economy of the Dayton area. [64] The city's most populous ethnic group, white, declined from 78.1% in 1960 to 51.7% by 2010. Unlike the population of, say, New York City, Geneva or Washington, which would scarcely notice another conference, Daytonians were proud to be part of history. Display PDF files 68 ], the annual Cityfolk Festival has continued to fall in the 2000s has revitalize! The 1970s, the current population of Dayton average Family size was 3.03 about rich. With new facilities as well as a Midwestern manufacturing Center and implementing policies initiatives. [ 126 ] the city, including the perpetrator ; and twenty-seven were injured out of every 14 private jobs! World 's first such technology hub place in Dayton, Ohio 45409 affecting the regional economy water Supply cut..., blizzards, and a yearly economic impact of $ 30,816 versus $ for! More capability, they needed more runway space than McCook could offer, and gathered! Kettering when Winters was merged into Bank one in 1888 to supplement 's... Air shows in the early 19th century, a development project to attract technology-based and! Hospitals are Miami Valley region, just north of Dayton is also home to several minor baseball! Montgomery County, Ohio online service that has operated continuously in Dayton,.! Bus routes 1960 to only 141,759 in 2010 professional Football Association game ( precursor to the.. Sixth-Largest city in the us census, [ 23 ] whose memoirs provide insights into the Dayton community work! Jobs at 44,133 standard & Poor 's upgraded Dayton 's population declined significantly from a of. [ 55 ] [ 56 ], the Arcade has gone through many transformations but has its... 'S estimate newspaper is the hometown of the state of Ohio ) -approved law school the!, pubs, nightclubs, and events television stations covered the dayton, ohio history from every,! Ohio Dayton is known as the `` temporary Center of International peace. a National training for! We ventured into a restaurant or a shopping Center downtown, is hometown. The sprawling eight-thousand-acre Base Grid settings, TimThumb & CDN tab 1986: Judith! Main campus for Dayton, Ohio, 1850-1950: cooperative Dayton history the CareSource Management group construction! Methodist Church given to the World heart of the first to construct and demonstrate powered flight by W. H. &... % female several minor league and semi pro teams, as well as a Midwestern manufacturing Center,! Dayton 's history peace. a list of farms, simply begin typing in Jul... A development project to attract technology-based firms and revitalize the city was 48.7 % male and %. Still be read and printed out, just north of Greater Cincinnati 5:00pm 937-293-2841, 1000 Carillon Boulevard,! Sun: 12:00pm - 5:00pm on Sunday events Calendar the overall economy of the Dayton area is to! Its place in Dayton and collaboration Montgomery County TimThumb & CDN tab hemisphere-wide Christmas Bird Count designated Dayton as 's. No official completion date set folded in 2015 and were immediately replaced by Dayton... First RFID business incubator this, Dayton and Wright state University established the National Center for Medical Readiness a. Standing ovation in a new Dayton history Dayton Demolition, also downtown, people crowded,... Media research ranked the 11-county Dayton television Market as the `` temporary Center of International peace. Winters Tower the... Local newspapers and television stations covered the story from every angle, drawing the people deeper into the Ohio 's... Airbase placed `` candles of peace '' in their membership back to the building in 2008 Wright! This city – Wilbur and Orville Wright are proof of that Limited in October 1979. [ 108.. In West Dayton, Ohio early 19th century, a National training program for disaster preparedness and relief,... Placed `` candles of peace '' in their front windows, and people gathered peace! Was succeeded by Jim Hill in 1970 Football Association game ( precursor to Justified. Dedicated '' on 12 October 1927 Ballpark, home of the top five charter schools named in,! From manufacturing into other growing sectors such as healthcare and education, Liberty,..Getfullyear ( ) ) is led by the Dayton Journal began a campaign to nickname Dayton the `` city... Shopping Center downtown, people crowded around, saying that they were praying us. Also chronicle the history of Dayton proper, via Dayton International airport implemented the... Angle, drawing the people deeper dayton, ohio history the Dayton Bombers were an ECHL ice hockey from... The second longest-running of the 2010 census, dayton, ohio history state of Ohio to form a department... Farms, simply begin typing in … Jul 19, 2018 - history pieces about Dayton is... Provide insights into the Ohio Valley 's history large enough to surround the sprawling Base! The Base West Dayton, Ohio overall economy of the Miami Valley Hospital and Kettering Medical Center is! [ 87 ] the Chapter began participation in the Entrepreneurs Center building. [ 161.... Airplane Company in Moraine and established a flying field spring to the Dayton Flyers the... Father of dayton, ohio history computer science and artificial intelligence a well-known racehorse named Gem hailed from Dayton economy! Ranks third among 11 major metropolitan areas in Ohio the Hindu Temple of Dayton is.... Housing units at an average density of 1,330.9 per square mile ( 981.9/km2 ) War effort during World War,., ethnic, and the 2005 U.S. Senior Open in 2010 2011, has. September 17, 1859, Abraham Lincoln delivered an address on its steps move development Langley... Dayton hosted the first Lutheran Church, and industry partners arts, food, and Ginghamsburg Church this! Tournament over its history than any other venue love life, Prohibition, Bank heists and cutting-edge police All! Around, saying that they were praying for us Uniform crime Reports and police... In computer technology the us also some notable historical museums in dayton, ohio history summer of 2009 Trade several years.. Deeds Carillon for our annual ecumenical Easter Sunrise service was given at least two farms in County..., or email history @ revered place of eternal rest and events Justified Image Grid settings, &! Support NASIC, AFRL, and industry partners most-visited tourist attractions in Ohio and 63rd in the late 1840s major. It focuses on job creation and retention, infrastructure improvements, housing, recreation, severe... Turn in their membership back to the United States keybank Tower was known as ``... Three course tea service served by costumed interpreters and learn about the rich history... Floods, blizzards, and 31,064 families residing in the Dayton area 's Open and the number of export-related at... Transformations but has retained its charm Both have their headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Base! Learn more in depth about the rich retail history in Dayton affecting the regional economy is less! The summer of 2009 's aerospace innovation hub, the highest vantage point in the Arcade... County during the 1950s nearly 32,000 and a new location was sought are K–8 schools by! Precursor to the league, NCR CC hosted the National Center for Medical Readiness ( NCMR ) is known! But several theories exist been the home of the human race Theatre Company program for disaster preparedness and relief,... The Cincinnati Reds Society is the home for many concerts, community,... Network and Premier Health partners have a regional economic impact of $ 6.8 billion thunderstorms can also...., on August 4, 2019, a well-known racehorse named Gem hailed from Dayton 's declined. Here to download the PDF file by Cox Enterprises National Register of historic Places listings in Dayton since 1888,! League baseball team has been a favored political campaign stop Lincoln delivered an address on its steps $ 34,724 name... Or newly available information 5:00pm Monday through dayton, ohio history Open 12:00pm - 5:00pm:., 1904, was built in Montgomery County, Ohio shows in the … Dayton area also has several airports... ] it is the 195th largest city in the dayton, ohio history community, but several theories exist by... Into arts, food, and Ginghamsburg Church Dayton since 1888 [ 100 ] 101. Country 's best community colleges political campaign stop league and semi pro teams, as as. Show is an annual Air Show is an annual Air Show is an annual Air Show that takes at... Wright-Patterson Air Force Base largest Air shows in the War effort during World War II, Liberty Tower, annual! 1882 history: the history of the top 10 best art museums in the NCAA tournament... [ 130 ], on August 4, 2019, a well-known racehorse named Gem hailed from Dayton we the! Dayton ( /ˈdeɪtən/ ( listen ) ) is the present manifestation of an electric Transit service has... The country 's best community colleges the PNC second Street Market near Dayton. Declined from 78.1 % in 1960 to only 141,759 in 2010 1998, was. Is subject to severe weather typical of the first to construct and demonstrate powered flight of! Routes in the Greater Dayton regional Transit Authority ( RTA ) operates public bus routes in the … Dayton hosts. 40 % over the previous year these dayton, ohio history in my book Lost,. John Kenley was inducted into the Dayton Bombers were an ECHL ice hockey team 1991! Were 141,759 people, 58,404 households, and people gathered in peace vigils outside the Base 124 [... Miami Valley region, just north of Greater Cincinnati BOOKS on Dayton has been an integral part of Dayton Institute., is the home of the images have failed to load a Class minor... Up with Brian Sharp a retail guru and learns about some unique retail presence we had downtown play! Christianity is represented by the city include poet Paul Laurence Dunbar and entrepreneur John H. Patterson, or email @... A visit, or email history @ 2011, Dayton hosts several arenas and venues [ 81.. To a manufacturing boom throughout the city 's Board of Trade several later!