Interest in gathering wild foods has popularized not only foraging for edible mushrooms … Foraging DVD Our Books Career Opportunities Newsletter Podcasts & Interviews Resources and Links Contact Class List 2021. Testimonials: "I really enjoyed the course. Walk-in’s are accepted if the class is not full. February 16 - 7:00pm ZOOM virtual Club meeting. I Harvested Fruit in the Middle of New York City. A number of people have already been … The ultimate companion to the great outdoors and the plethora of uses of that which nature provides willingly, you’ll never look at flora and fungi in the same way again. New dates for winter mushroom classes just released! Come experience the mysteries of edible, medicinal, and fantastic fungi with Charlie Aller, aka Charliceps. Mushroom related education, classes and activities with a thriving membership of enthusiasts. BENEFIT from the workshops, lectures, field identification sessions, and the experience of our members. Come experience the mysteries of edible, medicinal, and fantastic fungi with Charlie Aller, aka Charliceps. Maya loves leading mushroom hunts and helping others find their place within our ecological and human communities. We will email everyone on our mailing list to let you know our limited class schedule at that time. Urban Foraging … Truffle hunting, Dorset. August September. Foraging provides many avenues of connection with nature and fosters a greater appreciation of the many things that local landscapes can provide for us. Every state has slightly different rules, which are taught in each class by one of our 6 instructors. Many mushroom fungi are decomposers while numerous others cooperate with trees for mutual nutritional benefit and effect communication within the forest. Please include date(s) desired, number of people, and contact information. Maya is a teacher, naturalist, mycologist, organizer, and lover of the wild. Spend an exciting day with Alderleaf learning about wild mushrooms and their many uses. It’s fun and covers a lot of ground. ABOUT US. My biggest takeaway is a … Meet at the Como Park in St. Paul — picnic area northwest of Estabrook Drive & Midway Parkway (near the zoo). Class schedule for foraging plant walks and medicine-making workshops taught by Dr. Mark "Merriwether" Vorderbruggen . You must be an active PSMS member to register for any of the classes or the waiting lists for those classes. Please see the Join SSMC page for more information. The South Sound Mushroom Club is dedicated to the finding, identification, and eating of mushrooms. Our events in DC, Maryland, and Virginia include monthly guest speakers, forays with expert identifiers, and members-only tasting events. You’ll find tasty treats in the wilds here nearly year-round, including choice edible mushrooms like morels. This course is a bit more expensive than some, but then its treasures … The Queendom Fungi is … I don’t know why these fevers hit me occasionally, but I go through manic obsessions that drive me into strange hobbies for weeks at a time. MUSHROOM CULTURES. August September. What do I need on a mushroom forage? You may join the club by paying annual membership dues at a club meeting, foray, or on our Join SSMC page. If you are even a little outdoorsy, love … The South Sound Mushroom Club is dedicated to the finding, identification, and eating of mushrooms. Ari and Jenna are available to teach workshops or give presentations on mushroom foraging and cultivation (ie. The Wild Foodies encourage collaborative learning and invite the … Check back, we add classes and plant walks all year. Guests hike and learn the fundamentals of edible wild mushroom foraging, including what terrain and mushroom type to look for. For payment methods, see below. Foraging locations are pinned with dots. Whether you are a prepper studying for the apocalypse or a person that likes to walk around in the forest and know what you are looking at, I have Foraging classes that can fit your needs. Ari and Jenna have facilitated over 150 presentations and hands-on workshops to over 3,000 mycophiles throughout the Northeast. Please make reservations. We share our knowledge about mushrooms through meetings, classes, workshops and field trips. To make your reservation send me an email. Let us take you on one of our wild mushroom walks, hunting for delicious, edible wild mushrooms in Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest.