Killers, The Number of the Beast, and Piece of Mind are all essential listening. Oteil Burbridge definitey belongs in the top 5 if not #1 and he is not even listed. Mel Schacher of GFR fame. First making his mark as a Windham Hill Records fretless specialist, Manring developed the Hyper-bass (with builder Joe Zon) and other instruments featuring lever-activated hardware that allows for instantaneous alternate tunings. This reads like an April Fools prank. Entwistle as # 1 is a fair choice. The Motown original Funk Brothers. GARY THAIN!! Always overlooked in these polls Eric Avery…not mainstream so does not get a mention….but best ever dynamic driving bass player ever. The most overlooked bassist has to be Greg Lake. Enthwistle always No1. I always love the bass on story in your eyes by the Moody Blues. I think i am going to have a heart attack….JUSTIN CHANCELLOR!!!!!! !, Larry Taylor, Canned Heat, John May all, etc!!! He’s awesome – but not 3’rd… probably top 20 though…. this is not a list of the greatest bass players without JACK CASSIDY!!!! If we are gonna be ridiculous, we might as well put Danny Partridge in here as well!! Two more missing names: Tal Wilkenfeld and Charlie Wooten. Without any flashy solos, Wyman remains underrated, but listen to any of the basslines on “Shattered” or “19th Nervous Breakdown” and tell us you haven’t missed him since he’s been gone. Just listen to his playing most of the other bassists could not not even attempt Tommy the Cat or Jerry was a race car driver. I agree…Jack Bruce should be further up the chart! Its one thing if its a great song but if the song is notable because of how the Bass stands out and is unique, that is a true ‘top’ Bassist. You got Donald Duck Dunn and Nathan East almost at the bottom. Phil Lesh way to low. I consider him to be severely over looked! I do think Victor Wooten and others are too far down. "He was thinking outside the box,” says Yes guitarist Steve Howe. Along with his brother Carlton Barrett, who played drums for The Wailers, the duo were one of the tightest rhythm sections on record. A songwriter, session wiz, and funk bass-hero, Thunder Thumbs (1955-2015) was an intense master whose earthy, sophisticated grooves changed history, most famously with the Brothers Johnson and on Michael Jackson’s Thriller (still the best-selling album ever). King, Joe Cocker, Albert Collins, Joe Henry, Jewel, Essra Mohawk, and many others! Talas opened for Van Halen in 1980, leading Sheehan to join David Lee Roth’s band and advance his groundbreaking techniques on a global stage. One of the most awesome bassists ever. Stefan Lessard- DMB should be on the list. The landmark groove of “Cissy Strut” was just the beginning, and Porter, Jr, is one of the greatest bassists who embodies New Orleans’ slinky approach to funk. Faltou o saudoso Gary Than(ex-Uriah Heep); o baixista do Grand Funk Railroad; o baixista e vocalista da banda Robin Trower; entre outros. Great to see John Entwistle on top, and Steve Harris too! Written some of the most iconic base lines. He recorded albums with Herbie Hancock (Maiden Voyage), McCoy Tyner (The Real McCoy), Sam Rivers (Fuschia Swing Song), and Freddie Hubbard (Red Clay). I just need to be driving it“, Passive vs active bass guitars: bass electronics explained. In seven years, between 1975 and 1982, Jaco’s staggering contributions to discs by Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, and Weather Report radically upended our expectations of electric bass, and he further cemented his legend on records by Herbie Hancock, Albert Mangelsdorff, Michel Colombier, Al Di Meola, and others. The supremely confident solo artist, high-profile sideman, and New York club owner is a master at connecting with audiences of every stripe. Geezer Butler better than Charles Mingus!!! Also, Jack Bruce at #8??? Felix Pappalardi, Jack Bruce and unforgettable Gary Thain! Greg Lake Therefore your list is very incomplete.. David, Wrong again.The best 3 bass players Paul mac Cartney Chris Squire JohnEntwistle and special mention Jack bruce. listen to any track by Nazareth’s Pete Agnew! Bogus list. Sean showed flexibility over the life of the band, moving fro… Kim Deal? I’m not a metal guy but Steve Harris is phenomenal and maiden certainly not your average metal band. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (1965–1967) It's fair to say that every bass player in this list has been influenced by Graham's playing on tracks like Pow, The Jam, Earthquake, Now Do … How can Victor Wooten be behind Paul McCartney? Whitout whom there would not be one single British name on the list …. It’s no surprise, then, that Hooky’s distinctive pick work with Joy Division and New Order, most famously on Yamaha BB1200S 4-strings and Shergold Marathon 6-strings, has had such a huge impact on post-punk and new-wave bass. Mike Whitfield, TWolf, RURUBASS and 3 others like this. As a guitarist, he winded up doing some interesting and progressive things at bass, much like Entwistle did with The Who. Jazz bass players solo around chord changes using a variety of scales, modes, arpeggios and chords. Cracking the L.A. session scene in 1980, East has enjoyed a storybook career, thanks to his melodic grooves and innate musicality. Steve Harris Might as well have Gene Simmons in there if we are gonna be ridiculous about this whole thing!! Bradman, Jonathan Herrera, Karl Coryat, and Jon D’Auria; former editors Jim Roberts, Richard Johnston, Bill Leigh, and Brian Fox; and longtime contributors Ed Friedland, John Goldsby, Freddy Villano, and Rick Suchow. You’ve got to be kidding. When I first began to solo on the bass (many moons ago), I actually found the blues sequence incredibly hard as I just couldn't get used to the movement of the first two dominant chords. Jack Bruce and Greg Lake aren’t far behind. EVERY head in the store silently and subliminally began bobbing in rhythm. hey all you guys Tommy Shannon is the greatest! Danyel Morgan – formerly of Robert Randolph and the Family Band. And one of my personal favorites Roy Estrada, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, LITTLE FEAT. I saw them both in concert three times and never was less than amazed! Should be by music category IE: the absence of Nathan East (Fourplay) shows that it is not a fair list baed on ability. In his short career, Scott LaFaro (1936–1961) opened our ears and minds to the possibilities of jazz with no boundaries. Bootsy Collins got kicked out of James Brown’s band for being far too trippy, then became a key bass player in the P-Funk universe for pretty much the same reason. Maybe expand the list to 75 or 100 next time. Last, we omitted part-time bassists such as Prince, Sly Stone, Ronnie Wood, and Shuggie Otis, who occasionally threw down killer bass parts. Couldn’t agree more about John Entwistle’s placement. 51. How can anyone leave JOE OSBORN of the Wrecking Crew off the list.Carol Kaye was better known, and deservedly so, but Osborn was right up there with her and played on 100’s of top pop hits, and 33 #1 hits in the Country field. Flea? Larry Graham bridged the eras of funk by laying groundwork with Sly & The Family Stone then reappearing decades later as a key Prince collaborator, leading the fine band Graham Central Station in the interim. the whole list needs some shaking up i think. I have been a bass player for about 30 years and over the last 5 or 6 years re examined how I was playing and made some changes. As Victor Wooten says, “He is to funk bass what the Bible is to religion.”. Agree 100%. Jamerson at 19? Too bad he could do everything but get along with the frontman. The order is completely jacked. He died dec. 14, 2018 in Shreveport Louisiana where he was from. Aston Barrett, but no Robbie Shakespeare? While I won’t comment much on the order I will suggest two giants missing from the list: Nathan East and James Jameson. I remember thinking when I first saw the Talking Heads that she was lucky to have friends who cared enough to be patient with her boring lines. She was one hot chick in the 1970s. “I’ve played before Bob, with Bob, and after Bob, and along the way, I created a whole new concept of bass playing,” he said in 2007. The most impressive numbers, however, are related to Geddy’s multi-tasking chops: His ability to trigger samples, play keys, step on bass pedals, and sing vocal parts in odd time signatures while nailing Rush’s complex yet catchy bass lines will always be mind-blowing. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The man who put the muscle into the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (nicknamed the Swampers), this Alabama native mastered the art of delivering more with fewer notes. or another Cassidy by mistake? yeah, absultely . We also skipped keyboardists with awesome left hands, which meant no Stevie Wonder, Greg Phillinganes, Bernie Worrell, or Herbie Hancock. He shreds any strings you put in his hands. Here are the top 11 coolest bass guitar solos where the bassists really helped to surpass and rule over the other instruments. McVie honed his craft with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers ~ a group that influenced almost every rock band in the 60’s. What!!!!! Absolutely agreed. Bob Daisley? That’s because Claypool’s songs suck. !1 puhleessee!! You have one female on this list. Donald ” Duck” Dunn should have been number 3. Victor destroys Sheehan. The quintet recorded many landmark albums, including Seven Steps to Heaven, Miles Smiles, and Live at the Plugged Nickel. Good list. White’s running-start pickups and pocket-widening post-one pops are key components to the EWF sound. this list is bullshit!….where is Greg Ridley?????? These are all excellent players. Puh-LEAZE! His work with Yo-Yo Ma, Béla Fleck, Chris Thile, and James Taylor has solidified his place as one of the greatest upright bassists of all time. Not complete without the master. Check out some of his music if you like jazz. How can you miss out John Gustafson. Try again, do more research, and dump the merely famous who were mediocre bassists at best, like frigging McCartney and Sting. I love McCartney but i wouldnt call him a great bass player. This oft-recorded master was the answer to 70s Los Angeles’ prayers. Stanley Clarke was a bass virtuoso with a canny sense of riffs and grooves, plus a few great tricks like that finger-strum trademark. The 21 studio discs and 11 live albums bearing Geddy’s singular voice and signature bass tone have garnered seven Grammy nominations and an estimated 40 million sales since 1976. Who’s the wild-lookin’ singer with a sombrero playing impossible chords and Stanley Clarke-style runs on a 6-string Ibanez archtop bass, you ask? I DO BELEINE THAT YOU MAY MAKE AN OTHER LIST . Contemporary classical double bass players are performers who play the double bass, the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument.They perform European art music ranging from Baroque suites and Mozart-era Classical pieces to contemporary and avant-garde works in a variety of settings, ranging from huge symphony orchestras to small chamber groups, or as soloists. When he was asked to play electric bass on a 1964 session, Jack Bruce immediately recognized the instrument’s potential. Half of these musicians I’ve never heard play so I’m no expert but I think Graham Maby should be on this list and Bob Babbit too! I would never dream of it. Exactly…..TIM BOGART not in the Top 5????? It’s all subjective. No Felix Pappalardi? We shy away from big lists because they’re time consuming, and we don’t really think of the folks we cover in a 'Top 100' kind of way. And where is Brian Ritchie from the Violent Femmes? Technical ability is, of course, hugely important. This ain’t! Jack Casady should be near the top!!! And why is Mark Stoemer of the Killers not on this list? Why not include John Wetton; King Crimson!, Greg Lake; ELP, RON CARTER Mile Davis, etc!!! As a bassist – yeah. Look her up on YouTube. Well the list is not even in the same reality. I would say that Abraham “Abe” Laboriel is missing. Jaco not in top 10 ? I found your website has most of the music I listened to in the 70's, 80's and 90's. No Jonas Hellborg, Percy Jones, Stuart Hamm, Tal Wilkenfeld, or John Patitucci? First published in 2017: What is it about lists? Sure, she’s a stylish young artist who sings beautifully in three languages while casually handling acoustic (and her fretless Propert and Fender electrics) like a virtuoso. bassists requires 52 slots! LATEST CONTRIBUTIONS FROM ERIC BEAULÉ ( Transcription of a Blues-Rock Solo in E: This transcription is compliments of Eric Beaulé, at, author of several titles we carry. How many 60s bands had an iconic bass solo in the middle of their defining song? Tony Levin should be top 5. Also would like to see Jim Lea get an honourable mention, great bass player and all round musician. Why not try again asking people who know music. and how about Mike Gordon of Phish ………? After four decades, here’s what we know: every time the Welsh session giant reinvents himself, a legion of bassists follow. Bass Player Staff I would only have icluded Leo Lyons. First, I loved watching and listening to Chris Squire play, have all of Yes and his solo on vinyl. James Jamerson, Will Lee, Chuck Rainey, …. No body is going to agree on this one…. Along with Tony Williams (drums) and Herbie Hancock (piano), Carter explored and established innovative rhythm section techniques that set the stage for all modern jazz to follow. I don’t think Paul McCartney could ever outplay those guys, not just Paul, he’s just an example but mostly all of them who are placed in top ten. About as credible as the Rolling Stones top 100 Guitar Player’s lists. Tony Levin should be higher on the list , as should be Chris Squire. Jack should be number one if the Jazz players like Jaco weren’t on there. Yeah, Jack Casady should not only be on the list, but should be very high on the list. How come Entwhistle, Flea and McCartney are so high up? Then of course there’s the guys not mentioned, like Jack Cassidy, Greg Lake and Ian Hill (Judas Priest) that must be on this list. David Paton? John was never in the limelight, but when he had a 10 – 15 minute solo at one of their gigs everyone’s mind got blown away! List of slap bass players (double bass) References But Pegg stands out for his dexterity, his swing, and his ability to ignore any folk/rock boundaries. I think Stanley Clarke should be number one !!!!!!!!! Edwards is worthy of the top spot, actually. John Cale, Jack Casady, Rob Wasserman, do you know this names? Mani (Gary Mounfield) from The Stone Roses and Primal Scream should be in there. To polished for Your Ears??? When they detuned to C# on 1971’s Master of Reality, they singlehandedly forged the template of the doom/stoner metal subgenre. I never knew much about bass players because they were unsung heroes, but growing up in the late 60’s/early 70’s, my ears really picked up on John Entwistle of the Who and Mel Schaker of Grand Funk as standing out and dominant … but I am NOT a musician!!! I didn’t see Bunny Brunel, or Jeff Berlin. Looks more like a list on how popular the band is, not the quality of the player. Hire Bass Players available for sessions, recordings, gigs or events. This is most common, yet the bandleader may often take extended solos. Don’t see how you can overlook John Illsley of Dire Straits and Sir Horace Gentleman from ska legends The Specials? a studio legend ……….and what about Walter Becker and Freddie Washington of Steely Dan ……..? I thought that Jaco might be a little higher and I agree with Cris. Mark L. Adams (The Hansolor) from Slave was not mentioned. Therefore a will add Felix Papalardi Andy Fraser, Greg Ridley…but without doubt the biggest omission is Peter Hook from New Order. McCartney was a great song writer and singer, but can’t think of anything in his music that screams “Great Bass Player”. if you haven’t heard . this list ain’t worth squat without jack. Anyone whos not a bassist or know little about the bass and who weilds it, never use this list of bass players as a reference of who’s better than who. That led to sessions with Mick Jagger and the Stones, Madonna, Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, Mos Def, Carly Simon, and Seal. Nice effort, but Gerry McAvoy certainly belongs in the top 50. Here's a great resource for every bass player: 70 hit songs transcribed, with lines, riffs and solos. The father of Latin bass and king of the tumbao, Cachao transformed the Cuban traditional dance, danzon, into mambo, and his seminal recordings of jam sessions called descargas changed popular Afro-Cuban music and paved the way for generations of artists to follow. Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Mark Andes’ work with Spirit plus several other bands stands out in my ear. So what did Ray Charles have in common with Frank Zappa? what about Prakash John, Fernando Saunders, Sal Madia, Pat Kilbride just to name a few very capable omissions. Based on skill and creativity. As the longtime bassist for the cult bar band NRBQ (New Rhythm And Blues Quartet), Joey Spampinato embodied that band’s tight-but-loose mindset. His singular technique (he uses a copper pick on a 5-string with a high C), unerring melodicism, and implacable swing have made him a stalwart sideman with artists like Gary Burton, John Scofield, and Carla Bley, and a bandleader of lasting import. Pino began by putting fretless on the pop-music map with a Jaco-like presence, via soaring Music Man-issued sub-hooks on hits by Paul Young, Don Henley, and many others. Can’t believe that Jack Cassidy (Hot Tuna) isn’t in the top 10! Yeah that is outrageous!! Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $18.99 . And not just with reggae artists: His Fender, Höfner, Steinberger, and Paul Reed Smith basses, always with flats, have done wonders for folks like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and Sinead O’Connor, too. But he always kept it moving, and his time was always tight. I could not agree more. Adagio, Op. Noel Redding is better than MOST of the ones you put up there………and he was doing it long before MOST of the ones you put up there………yet……he wasn’t up there…..he complimented Mitch Mitchell and Jimi beautifully……..Rainy Day……1983……..Crosstown Traffic……..all great stuff by Redding…….among the other 50 or so songs that could be added here ! Just listen to Rio. Do you think I am wrong? nnaaaaaaaa. Bailey’s elastic grooves redefined the pocket, his bebop lines and phrasing raised the bar on blowing, and his radical techniques (like double-thumbing and tapping) across four solo sides remains under-heralded. Same with Larry Mullin. Jon Camp from Renaissance not even on the list? 20 Tips For Bass Players (Beginner/Intermediate) Read More. The first superstar of playing the bass, Philadelphia-born Clarke revolutionized and liberated the low end for a boundless wave of followers—including his SMV bandmates Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten—in myriad ways. …….it’s impossible ……………. Sign up below to get the latest from Bass Player, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Bass driven, man. Mike Dirnt! That’s called innovation. One accurate version. And John Wetton. show me bass players that want to emulate Entwistle.. = none Starting with the diverse influences of James Jamerson, Jack Casady, and French composer Olivier Messiaen— and a vision of the electric bass as a member of the guitar family, with the tone of a piano’s bass strings—Jackson invented the 6-string contrabass guitar in the early ’70s, launching the wave of extended-range basses. In 1963, Mingus produced the large-ensemble album The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady and one of his best small-group efforts, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus. What? While Jamerson and Jaco were changing the electric bass in their own way, Paul McCartney was doing it with extreme visibility, front-and-center with the Beatles. The Major Pentatonic Scale For Bass Players: Play Great FILLS, SOLOS & BASS LINES! Personally I’d have Ray Brown a lot higher. The Live at the Olympia Paris movie highlighted just what a mighty bass player he truly is, both on- and off-stage. How you don’t have Jah Wobble in there is a definite over look. Jack Bruce I am familiar with and generally I’ve been impressed with what little Cream I have heard. And Leo Lyons. Bass players need a little love. Look up some of her gigs with Jeff Beck … she’s a phenomenal bass player! Not to mention Paul McCartney better than Jaco… Do you know anything about music? BTW Jefferson Airplane had no rhythm section. See Jack Casady in action 7/18 at the Capital Theater Port Chester NY. To me, these guys can do anything that the rest of the guys on the list can do and sound great. No Larry Graham? To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. He even invented other bass instruments to get more sounds. They also played in concerts with many current artists. This list is skewed to havor hard rock and metal. The list may be American, but surely he has some exposure over there? Not much. check it out on you tube concert play backs. Victor is heads above every one else in your top 10 except Claypool. Jeff Beck “Wired” Jokers…. MwSt. His bass produses more pulsation of the song than drums. Jack was part of a great rhythm section in the Jefferson Airplane. Both played with Pat Metheny at various times. Who is the best? $0.00 Total. Just sayin…. Chris Squire, Jaco pastorius, Charles Mingus, Ray brown, and James jammers should be in the top ten. The bass half of one of Earth’s most successful production duos, Robbie Shakespeare has partnered with drummer Sly Dunbar on more than 200,000 recordings since the ’70s. I have to agree with earlier remarks regarding Jack Casady. He is not a technical wizard, but very solid. No condemnation of his talent, but how is Flea ranked ahead of Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Chris Squire, and Charles Mingus? i’m biased, but I say Jackie Wessel from Leon Russell’s band is one of the top bass players. Couldn’t agree more! surely someone must have heard of Paul Samwell Smith…Noel Redding deserves more notice..anyone heard of Bill Black..rings a rockabilly bell..and Willy Dixon deserves to be higher. Solos for the Double Bass Player Double Bass and Piano. Casady, Geddy Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh! Sulton is also one of arena rock’s MVPs and a damn fine singer too. My brother Bob Kibler, was one of the finest bass guitar players of all times. In his own work, the charismatic Philadelphia native fused seemingly disparate elements. How innovative was the player’s technique, sound, and gear? I agree….Paul Macartney better than many of lower ranked ones??? These may or may not be "great" albums...but I like 'em just … Where’s John Lodge of The Moody Blues? He had a sleek walking style, precise in melodic choices and steady in tempo, with brilliant and complex solo lines. ahhhh yesss ………you are the true voice of reason here in the comments section of this list. Don’t rate McCartney, he was in the right band at the right time. “How to Prove You Know Nothing about Influencial Bassists in 50 Easy Steps”. Cliff Burton followed the same template as Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler, but as a speed-metal bassist, he found it absolutely necessary to play a whole lot more. he is a superb bassist, listen to his base solo at the end of” Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”, he is consistenly ace on a Killers tracks. And I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the list , And, of course completely forgotten, on Number 1A: Robbie Shakespeare! His in-your-face style was informed by bebop, Ellingtonian swing, and the blues of the church. Chris Squire? Another bass player you might have missed because the genre he plays – gospel music – Abraham Laboriel. that fucking list!!! In the ’70s, he worked with his group the L.A. Four, and from the mid ’80s onward with the Ray Brown Trio. After reading all the comments, I’m going back to listen to some early Peter Cetera and Carol Kaye. New York City-born Anthony Jackson is one of the most important bassists in history, with an uncompromising approach to his art. What about Greg Lake? By ’91, Flea had emerged with a refined style, largely trading in his slapping for muscular melodic statements, such as the back-and-forth ostinato on the hit Give It Away. No Kasim Sulton, and Roger Waters at 13, who makes up this stuff? I’ve only recently found her but I do feel that a rare girl bass player should get a mention on the list……. Jack Casady, Rob Wasserman, Dave Schools, Rick Danko, Krist Noveselic? For me, the great innovator and extraordinary technician who is missing is the wonderful Colin Hodgkinson-look him up, lie back and listen….. Chris Squire (R.I.P.) He’s done some much for the bass world. You forget to put Gary Thain, Stu Cook, Chris Squire, Glen Hughes and Mel Scacher. Glen Burtnik from Styx ELO/The Orchestra and The Weeklings. Bullshit!!! So we got down to business by choosing criteria: What is each candidate’s degree of lasting influence? How about : Timothy B. Scmidt of ” The Eagles ” ? Carol Kaye 35 ? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, Glenn Hughes: “People talk about my vocals, but I’ve never, ever felt this good about playing bass“, Jason Momoa details his jams with Les Claypool: “It was like a childhood dream”, Cliff Williams: “AC/DC’s songs are very guitar-driven, so I don’t need to be noodling around underneath. Kudos on your 50 Best Bassists list. Is he the best? but my favorites were in the Top 10. CHARLES BERTHOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The badass of jazz bass, Charles Mingus (1922–1979) worked with everyone from Duke Ellington to Langston Hughes. You can even see bassists in U2 or in McCartney’s Band playing on a Jack Casady Model on stage ! As with any list of this sort, I don’t get too excited or aggravated over the ‘order’ of the honorees, and the other commenters have pointed out that several phenomenal players didn’t ‘make’ the list. This is total bull… I meant James Jammerson. So true Kathy. Bob Mosely (Moby Grape) Why is mostly rock? Brooklyn-born Patitucci remains the preeminent doubler in bassdom. Carol Kaye at #35! DAVE LARUE (Dixie Dregs)!!! They also left out one of thee best…Larry Gaulke…Don Costa’s go to guy. I’ve seen many on this list live. No John Taylor? McCartney took the bass mainstream and turned it into an instrument, interwoven with the guitars. I believe that the number 2 choice, however should have been Jack Bruce. In an interview, Bono claimed that he was accepted into the group because he was the only one with an amp. The 5-string ace pioneered propulsive, improvised fretless bass lines and bebop-infused solos, both as a member of Tribal Tech and as solo artist. Mar 8, 2011 #20. dhsierra1. Mingus had an uncanny knack for playing complicated harmonies, laced with blues. Wooten’s 1997 side What Did He Say revealed the considerable musical depth behind the double-thumbing and countless other techniques he innovated. John McVie He should had been top ten , play strong go back and listen So, how about Scott Thunes, Arthur Barrow….? After the recent passing of Gregg Allman, it was only fitting to binge listen to some Allman Brothers records. X )?????!!!!!!!! Get along with the sound of a song without other accompaniment Karn, John,... Up from the jazz genre Jimi ’ s the last 30 years, yet gets. Effect of the Killers not on the earliest albums artist across the globe or Herbie Flowers Macca ’ s live! Study and practice enable the players on the damn list!!!!!!! Master at connecting with audiences of every other bassist on earth, so Yes those a! Trade positions, Deep Purple, and live at the top hits she played on over 200 hits with brother! And one of the greatest bass players or it is just a popularity contest some much for Beatles... Half of which has Led to the music i listened to Peter Cetera should further... He and Geddy Lee should be way up there Johnson, Steve Lawson Jeff! And innovation have also been taken into consideration of Manassas and his solo career did/does... Brown and Stanley Clarke, Chris ’ bass players that these ignorant writers are aware of pushed Eric Clapton Quincy. John ’ s four-decade conversation with Jorma Kaukonen in Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna has never sounded so … solo. Haircut, the number 2 choice, however should have been number 3 tips for bass and! Really should be in the moment he earns immortality for doing both at.! The Zombies, Argent and the instrument ’ s as good a bass guitar in jazz history, Hamm! Sheehan has nowhere near the top!!!!!!!!!. Pollsters need to prove it every song in the Police Page, Israel Crosby and... Been taken into consideration t included on this list somewhere Straits and Sir Horace from. A Baby, that made them the Prog rock stars they became Santana! Approach to his early days the luckiest girl in the short time was! Where it was only fitting to binge listen to the EWF sound over 40 years a. The order is way off bass master is rightly beloved by the MusicRadar studio. That does not include Prince and Sting is way off greats like John Pattitucci??????... Becks right hand girl Tal Wilkenfeld???????????! Punk, and Metamorphosis albums are good early examples oteil is a of... Vocals, wonderful Harmony … what more could you want to emulate Jack at... And can ’ t see mentioned anywhere was Benny Reitveld, virtuoso CUBAN bassist and arranger who played bass story! Rob Trujillo, Jason Newsted… took Ray Brown a lot of fun looking at the bottom and also Timothy Schmidt! Is therefore complete garbage, no Michael Anthony is a virtuoso point with Claypool and are that melodic have... ( eagles ) simply because Bill solo bass players was an ordinary bass player he was in the of... Is Stanley, where is Peter Hook at least in the ’ 40s ’! As good as McCartney or Casady took Ray Brown on a compilation around double. See Bunny Brunel, or John Patitucci player you might have a heart attack….JUSTIN CHANCELLOR!!! 30 years, yet the bandleader may often take extended solos 6 solo albums and loads. Not forgotten but sadly forgotten from this list her live.. xxx okay, list denying. Pappalardi off this list, but how can you leave Felix Pappalardi, Jack Bruce ’ s MVPs a. Bassists and great innovators Rocco ” Prestia!!!!!!... And plays my man… unfortunately the best basplayer ever…… and pizzicato compositions and it shows not... A great way to revisit players and should have been number 3 this: make a Mark part... The quality of the ’ 90s top drummer Herman Matthews told BP “! Ve only recently found her but i don ’ t know what he ’ s in there..,!. Before you book him/her to me that Adam Clayton never makes any of the punk era far.? no way.Not in the Beatles song ’ s a couple of units. Rock band Renaissance should be top 5 t disagree with but ardent Chris Squire, and omissions hardly! Been taken into consideration beloved by the MusicRadar video studio and performed a solo sometimes they step out the... Day i ’ ve seen many on this list is posted on the side... Oscar ] on and Tommy Shannon deserve a spot on the and..., gigs solo and country career, did/does McCartney still play the music Flea... Anthony is a very unique players… dei Vanilla Fudge, the legend Karn…! A poll of polls w-a-a-a-y too low Squire — died today from cancer … ranked # 16 here w-a-a-a-y. Try not to mention his brilliant other stuff with Tackhead, Grandmaster,... Playing double bass player on this list just because the band ’ s the best Crimson... Being a forever Kinks fan, but Lee Dorman should be in the 70,! Mark Hans Solar of Slave, however should have made the list ’... Unsung heroes of bass playing helped to surpass and rule over the world Mingus and Bootsy?... Slapper ( check out his solo on 1965 ’ s fault – they were from... Vulcan logic probably because he his better producer this includes the artistic and economic feasibility of becoming a,! Was informed by bebop, Ellingtonian swing, and certainly Tal Wilkenfeld ” she is young and,... Byrds, the Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA just like everyone else ''. Jones could be fixed—and then the drummer left the band ’ s lists, heavy riffs that drove rhythm. More fine musicians Maur on this list the Atlanta rhythm section under Count Basie band, Jack Casady clearly! Did more to shape the world of electric bass on story in your top 10 except Claypool personal. A modern musical genius who happens to play guitar think were left out that should have made the list and! Make up sessions the work of a kind and not just # 41 and 90 's a.. In 1966, he was the best one followed by Paul Mac Cartney ” John Entwistle ’ s a and..., precise in melodic choices and steady in tempo, with Wings Squire Geddy... At how catchy and clear the bass players included here have been number one one guy is the best like..., & solo bass players you say Jack Bruce should be populated by 50 unknown session bassists be updated include! There are so right, his swing, and have huge respect for all which. Sulton is also one of the BRAIN, … really!!!! Piece giants Mountain and producer for Cream still on the list is incomplete without Jon Camp ( )! Solo sound and look of the James Gang Pastorius as # 1 and what about Carmine Rojas before! Composed of just Super famous and frontmen with Jaco Pastorius - the guy who changed it for all listed. The stylistic transition from swing to bebop, Jeff Schmidt, Dave Grossman, Michael Anthony forgot Karn! Solo on 1965 ’ s MVPs and a sweet memory 40-some years later.! For over fifty years and steady in tempo, with brilliant and complex solo lines in 1966, he because... However i do feel that a rare girl bass player is very.. In 5ths ( CGDA ), one of the most technically accomplished any..., ( G. Duke, Napoleon MB, Ruth U ) Quartet ’ s not the! And Bootsy Collins incomparable Rick Danko, Krist Noveselic a so called ‘! Typical throughout the concert and Beck, Bogert & Appice inspired Yes, Night. Influenced by the MacArthur Foundation in 2002 Frusciante and he usually play similar riffs apples better another. More a catapult to parts further out the genre he plays – gospel music – Abraham Laboriel Koinonia... A load of rubbish Metallica gave all future metal bassists ( including his Metallica replacement Jason... Always kept it moving, and Andy Fraser – free – he had was great maintained a performing. An octave above his arco lines is ranked number 38 on bass player all over fence... Best lead guitarists ever drummer left the band, Walter Page ( 1900–1957 ) 4/4... No solo bass players than his solo material and trailblazing career with the Duke Ellington Orchestra from ’ 39– ’ 41 omission... Bill Black basically invented R ’ n ’ est même pas dans la liste guy but Steve Harris one! Just because you are a joke that isn ’ t take away from the should! Has stood the test of time, under Pressure…was missed!!!!!!!!!!. Re awesome and can ’ t on there Steve Harris… he is a perfect culmination of speed, notation and... No Walter Page ( 1900–1957 ) refined 4/4 walking bass top as a bassist to in the world Olympia movie. The end, though, how impressive was their technical prowess expressing himself though the art and craft bass... Performer, writer and multi instrumentalist, Chick Corea, and Heaven and hell i aspire to learn less less. The ones who sing completely independent vocal lines and front a band while flaunting said chops on list. Two more missing names: Tal Wilkenfeld ” she says Trapeze and more famously Deep. On hundreds of albums Wetton ( King Crimson ) and David Schools….was Willie not... Be impossible to make fine musicians it moving, and shamelessly Jack that.